At the Branch Ranch with Eddie Glew

Ok, I’m trying my best to keep up with blogging and writing about all my weaving experiences this last summer. Not sure why it’s super hard to get me to stop moving and write a few sentences every so often; three jobs, two kids and a boyfriend might do that to you!

July was a super quiet month and then August kicked right back in with some amazing fun. In the beginning of August I traveled up to Warkworth Ontario to the Branch Ranch. A willow farm and basketry school run by two of my favorite Canadians ;)

This week they were hosting a basket maker from England, Eddie Glew of Blithfield Willowcrafts.

When I found this out a few month prior I was so super excited. Eddie and I have been following each other on instagram for a few years and I was over the moon to find out I could take classes with him only a few hours away, instead of a whole ocean away. The thought of having to drive on the wrong side of the road in the UK is enough to make me stay here LOL.

2018-08-13 03.59.17 1-01 (1).jpeg

So I was super lucky to get into all of Eddies classes, three in total. We started off with a rope coil weave basket, moved to square work and finally a fitched shopper on the last two days. The fitched shopper I think is the only thing that I didn’t get a picture of yet.

So what can I say, and how much can I compliment without sounding like a broken record! Eddie’s work is just perfection and he is a stellar teacher. All I can say is that if you ever have the chance to take a class with him you better jump. His work speaks for itself and trust me when I say that he is a teacher with a true passion and love for this craft. We were all in good hands and it was wonderful for me not only to learn basketry techniques, but to pick up on some great teaching techniques as well. My sincere thanks to Eddie and his amazing wife too, for visiting Canada and making it super easy for me to take some classes.

2018-08-04 06.33.16 1-01.jpeg

There wasn’t only baskets, there was great meals, amazing chocolate, a car full of willow, two grams of saffron in my pocket and a few axes might have been thrown. As amazing as it is to learn and work with other basket makers, the experience and friendships are just as special and memorable.

2018-08-05 11.20.33 1-01.jpeg
2018-08-14 04.26.38 1-01.jpeg
2018-08-02 08.44.44 1-01.jpeg
2018-08-01 05.26.22 1-01.jpeg

If you are an extreme saffron lover like I am and you are in Ontario or near it make sure you check out True Saffron. Or just check it out now! Don’t purchase mediocre saffron that might not be the real deal, trust me get the good stuff.

2018-08-10 05.59.11 1-01.jpeg
2018-10-09 10.27.51 1.jpg

We managed to remember to take a few pictures at the end! I’m really hoping to travel to England one day and take a few more courses with Eddie. I’m no where near ready to stop learning as much as I can. Cheers!

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