Pickled Pumpkin

Adapted from, The Complete Book of Pickles and Relishes by Leonard Louis Levinson


Pickled Pumpkin

makes 6 pints

4 or 5 pound long island cheese pumpkin


1 pint vinegar

1/2 pint maple sirup

4 whole cloves

1/2 teaspoon ground ginger

1 small cinnamon stick

12 peppercorns

1 bay leaf

2 small cloves of garlic

Peel and seed the pumpkin and cut into small cubes. Sprinkle with salt and let it stand 2 or 3 hours. Meanwhile make a sirup of the remaining ingredients. Wash salt off pumpkin, pack into hot, sterilized jars and pour the sirup over it. Place on lids and process in a water bath canner for 20 minutes.