Looking back on my childhood, I can recognize an innate connection with weaving. Small projects that kept my hands busy were not only a source of pleasure, but of something deeper within; one of the very essential parts of who I am today.  Once I was introduced to basketry, I realized my curiosities had lead me to exactly where I was meant to be.

My formal education includes a bachelors of science from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, but it is my informal education I value most.  Whether it be a summer interning for a cheese maker on a diary farm, learning to forage wild edibles or countless trips to work with basket makers from around the globe.  All these experiences add to the richness of who I am today.      

I am a mother of two boys, a licensed massage therapist, a kayak fanatic, a wild yeast bread baker, a mushroom hunter, teacher, photographer, seed saver and dreamer.  

My experience as an artist has only just begun, but isn't the utmost joy found in watching the seed grow?

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Mikhail Zakin Gallery, NJ - Salon 561 - 9/17-10/17

Crafts in Ridgewood, NJ - 11/17/17-11/18/17

Belskie Museum of Art and Science, NJ - 11/12/17 -12/3/17

Mikhail Zakin Gallery, NJ - Salon 561 - 3/18 - 4/18

Crafts in Ridgewood, NJ - 11/16/18-11/17/18

Mikhail Zakin Gallery, NJ - Salon 561 - 1/19-3/19